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Who is the inventor of ice cream?

Who is the inventor of ice cream?

On Wednesday, the world celebrates an important type of dessert, which some call "the happiness sweets", as June 10 falls on International Ice Cream Day.


Ice cream has many names in every civilization and country, it is known as Dandorma in Turkish, gelato in Italian, ice cream in Syria and Lebanon, Granita and Gelati in Egypt, and Glass.




Ice cream dessert has been classified in some civilizations and peoples as a symbol of happy childhood. This frozen dessert has varied varieties and types due to its varied flavors, the most famous of which is that of ice cream with a wooden hand, which is known as "Eskimo".




This holiday dates back to the start of the first sales of ice cream in 1786 in the United States. And this is despite the fact that the first ice cream recipes appeared much earlier.




The Chinese dessert, which included pieces of fruit mixed with ice, was the first model of ice cream or ice cream in the world.




The ancient Greeks and Romans, including Emperor Nero, liked to enjoy cold milk products mixed with fruit juice.




Alexander the Great is one of the most fond of this cold dessert, and it is even rumored that he used to send slaves trained to run fast to bring snow from the mountains, and in 1295 Marco Polo introduced a recipe of ice cream unknown to Europe, in which he used rock salt and ice to obtain a freezing process Faster and without large crystals formation.




The idea started in America by accident when an American chef known as Christian Nelson patented a special "Eskimo" recipe.




This recipe was nothing but "ice cream" with chocolate, as the chef covered part of the ice cream with a layer of chocolate and called it "Eskimo Pie" or "Eskimo Pie" in 1919, and after 3 years he obtained a patent for his invention.




Nelson's first commercial batch of ice cream reached 25,000, all of which were sold out.




And this dessert became very common in Europe, where any official dinner was not without the presence of ice cream, whether in the palaces or among the aristocrats, and in 1949 the French chef, Gerard Thiersen, introduced his new recipe of ice cream, which was ice cream with vanilla, to develop and diversify after that ice cream They differ in flavors. 


Strawberry ice cream



Chocolate ice cream

Ice cream Ice cream Ice cream

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