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Amazing facts about ice cream

Amazing facts about ice cream

The most expensive type of ice cream in the world costs about a thousand dollars per piece, as it is served in a creamy form consisting of several layers of chocolate covered with a layer of edible gold with a total weight of approximately 5 grams, and served in a cup


Baccarat Harcourt glass on a gilded plate.


There is a type of ice cream, which is added to the almond and chocolate, in addition to the types of fruits that take 8 hours of hard work to prepare to produce a delicious masterpiece.


A type of ice cream was prepared with chocolate and cocaine was added to it. This happened in one of the stores specialized in selling ice cream in Chile, and this type of ice cream was very popular.


The Venezuelan Kuromoto shop, which specializes in ice cream since 1980, is considered one of the most shops in the world that offers multiple varieties of this product, the number of varieties is about 709 products with a different taste, and this shop was founded by a man


Portuguese by nationality known as Manuel da Silva Oliveira.


The shop offers a number of strange and unusual recipes, such as ice cream with onions, pork pies, beer, carrots, tomatoes, beans, fish, shrimp, squid, beer, spaghetti, garlic, rose petals, and even very hot chili pepper with chili.


Summer sales of this shop reach record numbers in terms of the number of cups of ice cream sold, as one cup of ice cream is sold every 3 seconds.


There is also a special type of "ice cream" for dogs known as "Mimopet" and it was developed by a number of Portuguese food experts and they came up with a type that does not cause dog tooth decay and contains a group of vitamins and healthy nutrients for them.


One of the funnies of ice cream is that there is in the United States of America, the "ice cream cemetery" in the state of Vermont, which was created by Ben & Jerry's, one of the most famous American companies in the manufacture of ice cream, and it is located in


The cemetery is real evidence, on which a number of unsuccessful recipes of ice cream or unwanted products of the company were placed on a number of them.


The United States of America is one of the most consuming countries of ice cream. On average, each American citizen consumes about 20 kg of ice cream annually, and the country celebrates "Ice Cream Day" annually on the third Sunday of July of each year.


Among the celebrities who loved ice cream greatly were Napoleon Bonaparte and Henry III, in addition to the "father of medicine" Hippocrates, who in some cases used to describe ice cream containing fruit juices as a treatment for his patients.


Baccarat Harcourt ice cream


burger ice cream

Ice cream Ice cream

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